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10 thoughts on “Questions/Comments

  1. Is Yahoo Pipes the only website that does piping? Or are there others out there that do it but Yahoo is the best place to do it.

      • One of the reasons I was asking if because I feel like to do most of these new technology innovations you have to have an account. I feel like I have so many different accounts and logins for websites that I have to keep a spreadsheet . I don’t know if this is just the downside of living a new technology driven life. But, thanks for the article and for the answer.

      • Hi Bethany,

        You are not alone in that password dilemma. I’ve noticed a trend that many social networking or virtual tools such as Pinterest and Screenr (one of the options for screencasting in Week 5) are now allowing for users to use other log-ins such as Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail in order to by-pass setting up a whole new user-name/password. It really helps not have to deal with making up and remembering more log-ins. There are, however, free password keepers such as Keepass which let you store all of your passwords in the cloud (probably safer than on a spreadsheet on your computer). Hope this helps!


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