This. Is. It! The Last Week of C2IThings!


…..from your 4 C2IThings designers.  Thank you for test-driving our online learning creation!  You made it a living, breathing Thing!

The four of us learned TONS throughout this process and we sincerely hope that some of that resulted in new learnings for you, our participants.

Our final debrief will be next week.  Until then, if you get a chance to reflect — either on Twitter, the group blog or in a comment to this post — I know my classmates and I would appreciate your honest feedback about what went well and what was tough about your experience with C2IThings.

We are particularly interested in learning that sticks!   What…if anything… from the last 8 weeks will stay with you and transform what you do in small or large ways?  Are there tech tools that will be part of your bag of tricks?  Will you operationalize anything you’ve learned here in your library?  Can you detect a mind shift about your personal learning or about online learning environments in general?  Do you have new ideas about future library staff development for ASIJ?

Inquiring minds want to know!  Please share!


Image:  Rampant.Gaffer. (2006, September 30). Fireworks [photograph]. Retrieved from


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