New: Privacy for your Pins

I sent out 2 tweets with Pinterest recommends using our hashtag.  For some mysterious reason, they are not showing up below on the Tweet Feed.  Grrrrr.

So at the risk of repeating myself….I will post them here as well.

Would love to see your Pinterest finds or boards if you are going public.

That said, I admit to a certain shyness about showing Everything I find interesting to Everyone on the Planet.  I like Pinterest’s newly introduced Secret Boards where you can pin stuff for your eyes only….or for a select few.  The limit is 3 Secret Boards.  Not sure why but I’m in no position to complain since I haven’t maxed out yet.

For all of my personal shyness, I am a consumate snooper.  So if you are ready to share your Pins, let me know.  I’ll stalk on over!



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I'm a 12 Thinger.

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