Welcome to Week 7: Bookmarking and Curation with Pinterest!

Proceed with caution!    Do not attempt to move heavy machinery or drive a car when using Pinterest!  Don’t let this happen to you….

Just kidding!  You should let this happen to you!  This week you’ll be exploring the fun and fantastic Webby social media 2012 award-winning website, Pinterest!    You’ll learn great tricks of the trade for your own professional development and how to promote library materials and services!  This week, you’ll have fun learning how to pin, create your own pinboards, share your pinboards, and learn how to follow other’s pinboards.  Don’t forget to share what you’ve learned and created either on our Pinterest blog post, your own blog site, or via twitter for your Reflection!  There are lots of examples of how libraries are using Pinterest in the How Can I Use It section!   Don’t forget to also check out the links to other great social bookmarking and curation tools in the Explore More section, such as Delicious, Diigo, Livebinder, and Scoop.it.

Have fun and feel free to ask any questions either in the comments section of the Pinterest blog post or in the Questions and Comments section!



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