Screencasting ideas and resources

Hi everyone!  It looks like you took your  play time last week and jumped right into screencasting!  That is awesome!  I thought I would just throw out a few resources for you to check out that deal specifically with libraries and screencasting.  There are many ways you can use screencasting in the library from database tutorials, library orientation, how to place holds or use the catalog, how to use certain tech tools, or even how to make a screencast;).  One exceptional resource is Library Information Literacy Online Network (LION).   You’ll find a great collection of screencasts from a variety of different libraries to whet your appetite!  Here is another wonderful resources from the Lib 2.0 wiki with lots of examples and tutorials.

I actually think screencasting is one of the most powerful tools you can use in the library.  It’s an extremely cost and time-effective (and fun!) method of providing information literacy that is accessible  24/7/365.  I hope you all have fun creating screencasts.  If you find it to be an effective tool, you might want to consider upgrading to a paid educational version of one of the tools we’ve looked at in order to have more editing control.

Happy Halloween!!



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