Welcome to Week 4!

Hello everybody!

This week we will take a little break from learning about new ‘Things’ and will give you all a chance to catch-up and explore some of the ways these tools can be used and some of the fun that can be had. I know that some of you have, for instance, not had a chance to get to our ‘Pipes’ module. Now would be a great time! Take a look at some of the links I have posted in the module and let us know what you think and what you find!

As always, use #C2Iasij or our program blog to let us know what you think or ask any questions you might have.

Take a breath, catch-up, kick back and explore!



About granthayslip

Hello! My name is Grant Hayslip and I am in the MLIS program at San Jose State University. I work with local kids at an after-school program and I intern at a local private school library. When not in school or at work I love to read (not surprisingly), play and watch basketball, and listen to music. See you out there!

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