Welcome to Mobile Technology Week! Exploring QR Codes!

Welcome to Week Three, Mobile Technology and QR Codes!

You’ve seen them in coffee shops, on billboards, on the sides of packages, or the backs of books, scratched your head and pondered;  just what are those funny little squares with the bizarre patterns?  Well, it’s time to whip out those smart phones, tablets, or laptops, find out and have some fun!  This week you will be exploring the wonderful world of QR codes!

Amaze your friends!  Confound your enemies!  Get books to fly off your shelf with your promotional, marketing know-how!    Better yet, have kids create their own book promotional materials and assign QR codes to them!  Get them using those databases for their latest research project!  All of this can be yours for the low, low price of FREE!  All you have to do is be the tenth caller….oh wait, that’s not right!  All you have to do is have fun exploring QR codes this week and find out about the myriad ways you can use them in your library!

This week, you’ll have fun downloading a QR reader, using it to read QR codes, and then learning how to create your very own QR codes!  Don’t forget to share what you’ve learned and created either on our QR blog post, your own blog site, or via twitter for your Reflection!

Check out the Explore More section for lots and lots of great articles chock full of ideas of ways you can use QR codes in your library, whether you are targeting kids or teens!  You’ll also find some handy tools for selecting and evaluating other mobile apps to add to your repertoire!

Have fun and feel free to ask any questions either in the comments section of the QR codes blog post or in the Questions and Comments section!




One thought on “Welcome to Mobile Technology Week! Exploring QR Codes!

  1. Okay this may be a little late but here goes. First let me say I am greatful for having been exposed to all that C2I had to offer. What I found interesting and what will be useful was Week 1 – Blog, Week 2 – Twitter, Week 3 – QR codes, Week 5 – Screen casting & Week 6 – Glogster. All of these are great forms of communication in the ES library and are being used already. The thing I wasn’t too fond of that I had to open a personal account every week. I am not sure how much I will use personally and will be disabling most of these accounts. I also felt I lost some interest at the break in week 4. These are my thoughts and I hope they are helpful

    Carol Ladd

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