Week 2 Twitter and Pipes

Welcome to Week 2 on Twitter and Pipes!

There is already twaffic among #C2Iasij tweeple.   I just learned this new twerminology at Twitterspeak.  In fact, if you are totally taken with Twitter, you may enjoy delving into Mashable.com’s Twitter Guidebook.

Since tweets will be one of our main modes of communication over the next seven weeks, I want to be sure you know at least these 2 handy ways to track our #C2Iasij tweets:

#1  Check out the #C2Iasij Tweet feed that always runs along the bottom of our C2IThings site.  On any page, scroll down to find:

#2  Access the #C2Iasij tweet stream anytime through your Twitter account.

So, jump in!   Be part of the #C2Iasij twaffic jam.

Now, if you have the hang of tweets, please explore Pipes!  They may be easier to master than you think!

Images used in this post:

Totally Tweet by FindYourSearch under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
Bagpipes by jpellgen available under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License


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