Week 8 Sayonara! Thanks for learning with us!

We hoped you’ve enjoyed learning with us over the past weeks. This has truly been a learning experience for all of us, as we navigate our way through some unfamiliar technologies in order to distill and present them to you.

Some things to reflect on:

Which tools did you enjoy using the most?

Which do you think will be the most useful to you, your students, and library patrons?

Which tools would you use in your own life, and how? Please answer this one with an infographic. Just kidding.

How much more time and training would you need to effectively teach these tools to your students?

Final thoughts: We may need a bit of a push to begin using new tech tools in our work and in our own lives, and the learning never stops! No one has to use every tool; indeed, few of us have the time. Find the tools that suit you best and become proficient in their use. Use these learning modules as a starting point, and find your own tech tools, too.

Hey, even the codex was new technology once!

One thought on “Week 8 Sayonara! Thanks for learning with us!

  1. Okay this may be a little late but here goes. First let me say I am greatful for having been exposed to all that C2I had to offer. What I found interesting and what will be useful was Week 1 – Blog, Week 2 – Twitter, Week 3 – QR codes, Week 5 – Screen casting & Week 6 – Glogster. All of these are great forms of communication in the ES library and are being used already. The thing I wasn’t too fond of that I had to open a personal account every week. I am not sure how much I will use personally and will be disabling most of these accounts. I also felt I lost some interest at the break in week 4. These are my thoughts and I hope they are helpful

    Carol Ladd

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