Week 4: Play Week! Get Messy!

Time to take a break and play!

You have gone over Blogging, Twitter, Pipes and QR codes and that may or may not have been a lot to learn in such a short time. Either way, we will take this week to play around more with the things you have learned and we will not have an assignment for this week.

Instead, we will show you some more interesting, funny and off-the-wall things that can be done with some of these ‘Things’.


As you were probably well aware of (even before taking part in our little program), blogs can be really cool and super innovative. Go ahead, just go to Google and type in something your interested in (whether it be knitting or Ethiopian food) followed by the word blog or blogspot. You will be amazed at the variety, style and passion put into these blogs. If you want a few, very cool and unique ways that blogs have been used, check out these links.

Like pancakes? I thought you might…


Are you and avid record collector? Well, if not, you can still appreciate the thought and time put in to this blog.


These are pretty awesome examples of blogs but there are seemingly limitless possibilities, so I urge you to take a peek around!


Now that you’ve started your own Twitter account and learned some of the basics, like adding an image, I urge you to look around the Twitter-verse (I don’t think it’s actually called that) and see what types of craziness can be found!

Lots of celebrities and professional athletes like to Tweet irrational, insensitive and otherwise nonsensical thoughts (which can be a lot of fun!). So get out there and follow a few people you respect, or individuals towards whom you feel the opposite of respect (just click the ‘follow’ button on their Twitter profile, as in the picture).

Here are a few people who’s Twitter is constantly full of interesting, if not always sane, material:

Chad Ochocinco (an American Football player)


Neil deGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist, with a little style)


and for someone more pertinent the the world of librarianship

https://twitter.com/cindysku (she has lots of tweets and quite a few followers)

Remember, have fun and explore!

QR Codes

I know that our module for this topic tried to fit the topic in to how it can be used in a school setting, but it is still really cool to see how else QR codes can be used. This website, http://blog.kissmetrics.com/genius-qr-codes/ , shows five ways that QR codes have been implemented that are pretty interesting. The highlights include:

Angry Birds!

and a museum in Poland that had a great idea for QR codes.



Being our “catch-up/play” week, the only “activity” will be your reflection. Since there is really no new skills or tools to learn about this week, we will only ask that each of you post a short micro blog via our #C2Iasij  twitter hashtag. This week is more about exploring the different ways that each of the previous weeks’ modules can be put to good use. So, don’t just let us know what you think, get out there and explore and let us know what you find!




This Learning 2.0 module was originally designed, adapted, and implemented by students in Dr. Michael Stephens‘ Transformative Literacies class in the Fall of 2012.  This class is part of San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science curriculum. It was adapted by Grant Hayslip for American School in Japan. It is available for use for other libraries or institutions.  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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