Welcome to Collaborate2InnovateThings!


Welcome to Collaborate2InnovateThings, an eight week Learning 2.0 exploration into new technologies, or Things!   This project is an adaptation of Helene Blower’s 23 Things, a groundbreaking training concept for library staff.  Our name, Collaborate2Innovate, was inspired by the fact that this particular adaptation is a uniquely collaborative learning experience between us — graduate students in San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science –and you, the staff at the Elementary, Middle and High School Libraries of The American School in Japan.

It is our sincere hope that the next eight weeks will be transformative…..prompting innovations at your library and in your life!  But, most importantly, we hope that you’ll enjoy this way of exploring emerging technologies.  This program is designed to be elective, exploratory, easy, mind-expanding and fun!

Think of it as a laboratory, a kitchen or a playground.  It is a place to experiment, mix it up and toy around!

First Things First……Or Tips On How This Will Work

  • Collaborate2InnovateThings will follow this schedule:

Week 1 (starting 10/1):  Launch and WordPress Blog
Week 2 (10/8):  Communication with Twitter & Pipes
Week 3 (10/15):  Mobile Technology with QR Codes
Week 4 (10/22):  Take a Break and Play
Week 5 (10/29):  Video Production with Jing, Screenr & Quicktime
Week 6 (11/05):  Presentations with Glogster, Infographics & Creative Commons
Week 7 (11/12):  Bookmarking & Curation with Pinterest
Week 8 (11/19):  Final Reflection, Sayonara & Thank You

  • In conjunction with these modules, your group will meet….in real time….each week to preview the module for the coming week and debrief about the previous week’s experience.
  • This website will be your home base.  Please start by taking a good look around along the navigational tools running along the top, side and bottom of this site.
  • Look for the latest news and announcements under News Updates widget on the right sidebar.
  • The quick links to each week’s module are along the right sidebar.
  • Each module will feature one to three technology tools.  For each tool, there will be a description, several activities for a bit of an immersion into that technology, two reflection prompts and a chance to explore further.
  • The reflection piece for each module will consist of both a group and individual piece.
  1. Collective Blog Reflection:  In Week One, you will collectively build a blog.  This blog will be the showcase for a running weekly group reflection, as well as any artifacts that you’ll create as you progress through the modules. The group’s weekly reflection will be a shared task, with one group member writing a single blog post capturing the groups’ experiences for that week.  Your weekly debrief meeting will set the stage for this blog entry.
  2. Individual Twitter Micro-Reflections: In Week Two, you’ll each activate an individual Twitter account.  That week, and in the weeks that follow, you’ll be asked to post at least one weekly micro-reflection of your experiences with that week’s technology tool.
  • Feel free to post questions, concerns, problems, discoveries and triumphs to our Questions/Comments page, which you can find at the tab along the top of the site.  The four of us — Grant, Rebecca, Maria and Ruth — will be standing by 24/7 to troubleshoot, commiserate and join in the fun of discovery.

With that, it is time to begin!  Week 1 awaits!


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